32 Stunning Brown Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights for 2024

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Whether you’re looking to spice up your look or seeking inspiration for a fresh new hairstyle, this collection of brown hair colors with blonde highlights is a treasure trove of ideas.

From subtle, sun-kissed strands to bold, statement-making contrasts, we’ve compiled a diverse range of brown hair colors, each uniquely enhanced with blonde highlights.

1. Chestnut Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

This long, wavy style showcases a base of deep, earthy chestnut brown enriched with streaks of golden blonde highlights. The golden streaks are expertly woven through the darker brown, giving a luminous, multidimensional appearance. It’s a perfect blend of warm brown and vibrant blonde.

2. Mocha Brown with Honey Blonde Highlights

Mocha brown, a rich blend of deep, dark brown with subtle coffee undertones, serves as the perfect canvas for honey-blonde highlights. These highlights add a warm, sun-kissed appeal, marrying the depth of mocha with the radiant glow of honey blonde.

3. Deep Espresso Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights

Deep espresso brown, reminiscent of the darkest coffee, is paired with cool, ash-blonde highlights. This contrast creates a striking effect, where the ash blonde’s muted tones provide a sophisticated edge to the intense depth of espresso brown. It’s a chic and contemporary take on brown hair with a cool-toned twist.

4. Warm Amber Brown with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Warm amber brown flows seamlessly into caramel blonde highlights, creating a melting pot of rich, golden hues. This color mix resembles a delicious caramel swirl, offering a glossy, sun-drenched look.

5. Rich Walnut Brown with Sandy Blonde Highlights

Rich walnut brown, a deep and classic shade, is livened up with sandy blonde highlights. These highlights add a natural, beachy feel to the walnut base, suggesting a soft, sun-bleached effect.

6. Espresso Brown with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Espresso brown, deep and intense, is softened with swirls of caramel blonde highlights. The caramel blonde weaves through the espresso base, creating a deliciously rich contrast in this long hairstyle that’s both bold and smooth.

7. Chocolate Brown with Platinum Highlights on Ombre Hair

This long hairstyle starts with a base of lush chocolate brown that gradually transitions into striking platinum highlights. The ombre effect creates a dramatic yet harmonious gradient from deep, rich brown to cool, metallic platinum.

8. Mocha Brown with Vanilla Blonde Highlights

Mocha brown transitions from a deeper brown at the roots to lighter blonde towards the ends, giving it a natural, sun-kissed look with plenty of depth and dimension. The dark brown shade is beautifully complemented by creamy vanilla blonde highlights, creating a rich, dimensional look.

9. Natural Brown with Light Blonde Highlights

The beauty of natural brown hair is enhanced with the addition of light blonde highlights. This bright enhancement adds a gentle, sun-kissed touch, perfect for an effortlessly elegant style.

10. Brown Sable with Platinum Blond Highlights

Brown sable, a luxurious, deep brown, is elevated with sleek platinum blonde highlights. The platinum adds a striking contrast, giving the hair a modern, edgy look while maintaining the richness of the sable based on this long hairstyle.

11. Sable Brown with Wheat Blonde Highlights

Sable brown, a deep shade, is brightened with the natural, sunlit look of wheat blonde highlights. This pairing creates a harmonious blend, evoking images of golden wheat fields under a bright sky.

12. Warm Espresso Brown with Honey Blond Highlights

This warm espresso brown, brimming with depth, is brightened with honey-blonde highlights. The honey blonde adds a sweet, luminous touch to the espresso, creating a cozy yet vibrant look.

13. Light Cinnamon Brown with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Merging the spicy allure of light cinnamon brown with the sweet charm of strawberry blonde highlights, this hair color offers a delightful contrast. The strawberry tones infuse a playful brightness into the cinnamon base, creating an appealing, vibrant look.

14. Light Oak Brown with Buttery Blonde Highlights

The understated elegance of light oak brown is elevated by the addition of buttery blonde highlights. This duo creates a harmonious and softly contrasting look, perfect for a subtle yet impactful style.

15. Ash Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

In this sophisticated mid-length style, the muted coolness of ash brown is beautifully offset by the warmth of golden blonde highlights. This interplay brings a unique vibrancy, balancing cool depth with warm brilliance.

16. Honey Brown with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights ripple through honey-brown hair like streams of liquid gold. This combination enriches the honey base with a lustrous, dimensional effect, perfect for adding a touch of luxury and warmth.

17. Golden Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

The richness of straight golden brown hair is enhanced with the addition of honey-blonde highlights. This combination creates a radiant, sun-kissed effect. A modern yet warm, inviting look.

18. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Swedish Blond Highlights

In this stunning combination, the deep, indulgent hue of dark chocolate brown is illuminated by Swedish blonde highlights. These lighter streaks bring a striking contrast, adding a Scandinavian brightness to the rich, dark base.

19. Bronze Brown with Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights

The rich depth of bronze brown is illuminated by sun-kissed blonde highlights, creating a radiant, glowing effect. This pairing is reminiscent of sunlight playing on bronze surfaces, warm and inviting.

20. Medium Brown with Light Blonde Highlights

Consider this medium brown shade brightened by light blonde highlights that subtly weave through the long, straight hair, adding dimension and a gentle contrast.

21. Chocolate Truffle Brown with Blonde Balayage Highlights

In this luxurious style, chocolate truffle brown serves as the backdrop for elegantly hand-painted blonde balayage highlights. The result is a rich, multi-dimensional look that’s both warm and sophisticated.

22. Butterscotch Brown with Champagne Blonde Highlights

The inviting hue of butterscotch brown is perfectly paired with the refined elegance of champagne blonde highlights. This mix creates a playful look thanks to the wavy curls.

23. Ash Brown Hair with Sandy Blonde Highlights

In this chic style, the cool, smoky undertones of ash brown are brightened by sandy blonde highlights. This contrast adds a modern, airy touch.

24. Golden Bronze with Golden Blonde Highlights

Golden bronze, shimmering and warm, seamlessly blends with golden blonde highlights. This radiant combination creates a luminous, sun-drenched look rich in golden hues.

25. Rustic Auburn Brown with Glazed Strawberry Blonde Highlights

The warm, earthy tones of rustic auburn brown are beautifully highlighted by the addition of glazed strawberry highlights. This creates a playful and vibrant look, adding a gorgeous brightness to the rustic base.

26. Dark Chocolate with Ash Blonde Highlights

Dark chocolate is given a modern twist with the addition of ash-blonde highlights. This contrast creates a sophisticated look, perfect for those seeking elegance with an edge.

27. Honey Pecan Brown with Beige Blonde Highlights

The richness of honey pecan brown is complemented by the softness of beige-blonde highlights. The beige adds a creamy dimension, enhancing the depth of the honey pecan with a refined touch.

28. Light Brown Copper with Vanilla Blonde Highlights

The metallic shimmer of light brown copper is beautifully paired with the dreamy softness of vanilla blonde highlights in this medium-length cut. This combination creates an ethereal, unique look, full of light and subtlety.

29. Chestnut Brown with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Warm and classic chestnut brown is enhanced with swirls of caramel blonde highlights. The caramel streaks weave through, adding a glossy, sun-drenched look.

30. Light Chestnut with Honey Balayage

A lovely light chestnut brown shade is enhanced with honey blonde balayage. This color technique is great for adding dimension and a touch of brightness without a stark contrast, creating a soft, natural-looking, sunlit blend.

31. Midnight Brown with Beige Blonde Highlights

In this hair color, the deep and enigmatic midnight brown is complemented by subtle beige-blonde highlights. This combination brings a sophisticated and mysterious allure, perfect for adding depth and dimension.

32. Light Brown and Honey Blonde Highlights

Soft, versatile light brown hair is given a warm upgrade with honey blonde highlights. This interplay creates a luminous, sun-kissed effect reminiscent of soft sunlight shining through the hair.