30 Versatile Medium-Length Layered Haircuts With Bangs You’ll Fall in Love With

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Bored with your current style and ready for something new? Consider these medium-length layered haircuts with bangs. Layers add beautiful volume, while bangs frame your face just right. Here’s a selection of stunning medium-length fringed cuts – your ticket to a fresh, new look.

1. Straight Layers With Wispy Side Bangs

The smooth, straight layers create a polished look while adding movement and body. Wispy side-swept bangs frame your face and soften the straight lines of the cut. To style, simply blow dry with a round brush for a smooth finish, or let air dry for a more relaxed look. If you want it super sleek, use a flat iron to enhance the straightness, and finish with a smoothing or shine serum for that extra glossy effect.

2. Feathered Layers With Side Bangs

These expertly cut highlighted layers create a cascade of texture that adds incredible dimension and movement to your locks. Side-swept bangs blend seamlessly into the layers, drawing attention to your eyes. This cut is perfect for women with thick hair to remove bulk while maintaining fullness.

3. Soft Mid-Length Layers With Wispy Bangs

This romantic layered hairstyle offers a perfect balance of softness and structure. The gentle layers throughout create a flattering shape that enhances natural volume and movement. To style, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves, then tousle with your fingers for a more casual look.

4. Shaggy Shoulder-Length Layers With Wispy Bangs

Stand out with this edgy, textured cut. The shaggy layers create a deliberately messy look that’s full of attitude and personality. Wispy bangs complete the carefree vibe, giving you a stylishly undone appearance. To style, scrunch in some texturizing spray and let your hair air dry for effortless cool-girl waves.

5. Tousled Layers With Bangs

These tousled shoulder-length layers create a beautifully textured look with movement. Soft, face-framing bangs add a touch of romance and draw attention to your best features. This versatile cut works well for different hair types and textures, from straight to wavy.

6. Silver Curly Layers With Side Bangs

This medium-length cut incorporates layers that enhance the body, while side-swept bangs volumize the look even more. The layers help manage thickness and encourage bouncy, defined curls. The curls look stunning in this icy silver shade.

7. Wavy Layered Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

Soft waves create a lovely structured frame for the face. Enhance this look by using a texturizing spray on damp hair. Scrunch your strands gently and let them air dry to emphasize the natural wave. Or use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to add volume and definition.

8. Tousled Layers With Side-Swept Bangs

The medium-length cut features layers that create a tousled look. Side-swept bangs are soft and blend seamlessly into the layers, offering a soft frame for the eyes. The style’s texture and movement make it ideal for women with fine to medium hair, creating the illusion of fullness and body.

9. Textured Gray Layers With Bangs

Show off your silver strands with this fabulous layered cut. The textured layers add movement while the wispy bangs are styled to the side to softly frame the face. This style is perfect for women transitioning to their natural gray hue!

10. Feathered Layers

Beautifully feathered layers create a soft, fluttering effect around the face. Long bangs are swept to the side to add volume and highlight your eyes. Subtle highlights throughout add dimension and brighten the style.

11. Shaggy Layered Lob (Long Bob) With Wispy Bangs

The shaggy layers of this lob (long bob) style create fabulous movement and texture, perfect for adding some oomph to thinning or fine hair. Wispy bangs complete the shag style. This versatile shoulder-length style works well with oval, heart, and long-face shapes. With minimal styling required, you’ll be out the door in no time.

12. Vivid Copper Layers With Fringe

This brilliant copper hue adds warmth and radiance to your complexion, while the layered cut creates gorgeous depth and dimension. Soft, face-framing fringe complements the style. This bold yet wearable look is ideal for women wanting to make a statement with their hair color!

13. Shaggy Layers With Feathered Bangs

Get that 70s look with this ultra-cool shag cut. The choppy layers create amazing texture and volume, breathing new life into otherwise flat locks. Feathered bangs add a softness to the edgy cut.

14. Curly Layered Lob With Wispy Bangs

The layered lob, also known as a long bob, enhances your natural curls, allowing your spirals to spring to life. Wispy bangs add a touch of softness to complete the look. This style is a dream for women with naturally curly or wavy hair, as it works with your texture rather than against it. (The layers help to remove bulk and prevent the dreaded triangle shape.)

15. Layers With Bangs For Thick Hair

Tame your mane with this expertly crafted cut designed specifically for thick hair. The layers throughout remove excess weight and create beautiful movement, preventing your hair from looking heavy or shapeless. Full, side-swept bangs add a touch of sophistication and can be styled in different ways to suit your mood.

16. Layered Lob (Long Bob) With Side-Swept Bangs

The layers of this long bob, also known as a lob, add texture and dimension, allowing for easy styling – just tousle with some texturizing spray for instant piecey texture. The side-swept bangs soften angular features and can be adjusted to flatter different face shapes.

17. Shoulder-Length Coils With Bangs

Shoulder-length tight coils create impressive volume and bounce, while soft bangs add a youthful touch. This cut is ideal for those with 3B to 4C curl types looking for a shape that enhances their natural texture. Use curl-defining products to keep your coils hydrated and frizz-free.

18. Layered Curly Lob (Long Bob) With Bangs

The layered lob cut enhances your natural curls, creating a beautiful shape with lots of movement. Curly bangs add an extra dose of charm and face-framing softness. The layers help distribute volume evenly and prevent the curls from becoming too heavy or weighed down.

19. Blunt Wavy Long Bob With Full Bangs

The blunt ends of the lob create a strong shape that’s softened by natural-looking waves. Full, straight-across bangs draw attention to your eyes. The wavy texture adds movement and keeps the blunt cut from feeling too severe.

20. Mid-Length Waves With Bangs

Soft, flowing waves give this medium-length style a romantic feel, while wispy bangs can be styled straight or blended into the waves for different effects. Waves create the illusion of thickness and add beautiful movement. The below-the-shoulder length is ideal for women who want the flexibility of longer hair without maintenance.

21. Layered Curls

These bouncy, voluminous curls are layered to create dimension and movement. This style works beautifully for women with naturally curly or wavy hair, enhancing your texture. To style, use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer and scrunch in a curl-defining cream for defined, frizz-free spirals.

22. Tousled Curls With Bangs

Here, the layers create a textured, full, voluminous look that is perfect for fine or thin hair. The bangs sweep gracefully across the forehead, drawing attention to your eyes and softening your features.

23. Messy Shag With Bangs

Choppy layers and piecey bangs create a bold, confident look full of attitude. The shaggy layers work well to disguise thinning areas and create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Excellent for fine or straight locks, this cut is all about volume and movement.

24. Wavy Highlighted Layers

This stunning style showcases a beautiful blend of warm tones and face-framing layers. The highlights add depth and dimension and brighten your complexion. The wavy texture and layered cut work together to create a full, bouncy look. This style is particularly flattering for women with oval or heart-shaped faces, as the layers soften angular features.

25. Tousled Layers With Curtain Bangs

This chic style combines trendy curtain bangs with beautifully textured layers. The curtain bangs draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes, while the layers throughout add voluminous movement. To style, use a round brush while blow-drying to create volume at the roots, then finish with a texturizing spray for that perfectly tousled effect.

26. Straight Medium-Length Layers With Wispy Bangs

This chic cut offers a fresh take on classic layers. The straight, sleek strands create a polished look, while wispy bangs add a touch of softness around the face. The layers provide volume, preventing the hair from falling flat.

27. Highlighted Waves With Curtain Bangs

Highlights weave through waves, creating depth that catches the light beautifully. Curtain bangs soften your features. This cut is ideal for women with natural waves or anyone willing to spend a few minutes with a curling iron. The layered waves add body and bounce, making it a great choice for women with thinner hair looking to amp up their volume.

28. Soft Layered Wavy Long Bob With Fringe

This romantic style combines the ease of a lob (long bob) with the softness of layers and bangs. The wavy texture adds a carefree, bohemian touch, perfect for a more relaxed look. Layers throughout create movement and reduce thickness, making this an excellent choice for those with thick hair.

29. Wavy Layers With Rounded Bangs

The wavy layers create a cascade of texture, and rounded bangs add a retro-inspired touch. This cut is particularly flattering for women with round or heart-shaped faces, as the layers help to elongate the face while the bangs soften the forehead. A bit of texturizing spray is all you need to enhance those beautiful waves.

30. Medium-Length Layered Curls With Bangs

The layers are strategically cut to enhance curl definition, creating a beautiful, soft shape. Bangs can be tailored to your preference – from short and curly to longer and side-swept. This cut is relatively low-maintenance, requiring just a bit of curl-defining cream and diffuser-drying to look its best.