30 Summer Nail Ideas That Give Off Warm Weather Vibes

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As summer approaches, there's so much to look forward to. But as devoted beauty lovers, we're always particularly excited to refresh our routines to reflect the warm-weather vibes. This year, our first order of business is rounding up inspiration for all of our summer manicures. From June to September, it's all about leaning into vibrant nail polishes and playful designs. And we've come across so many cool nail looks that fit the bill.

Ahead, we've rounded 31 up nail ideas for summer. From floral French tips to neon swirl designs, keep scrolling to see all the looks.

1 . Abstract Chic Nails

30 Summer Nail Ideas That Give Off Warm Weather Vibes

Summer is full of bold colors, and this bold electric blue nail look is a great way to kick off the season. Shake things up by including multicolor, abstract art on a few nails.

2. Floral French Nails

Floral French Nails

This French set proves that pink and orange are a perfect pair. We love that it features precise pink French tips with gorgeous pink and orange floral accents on a couple of nails.

3. Tropical French Nails

Tropical French Nails

Opt for a lime green, baby blue, and white color palette to give your floral French manicure a tropical twist. Mixing in solid nails, French tips, and floral designs keeps the look exciting.

4. Colorful Crocodile Nails

Colorful Crocodile Nails

Crocodile print is here to stay this summer. What better way to rock the look this season than through a colorful nail set? These square-shaped nails offer a mix of bold and pastel tones.

5. Bedazzled Ombré Nails

Bedazzled Ombré Nails

This almond-shaped set takes bedazzled nails to a new level. Each ombré French tip is decorated with pearls and gems, giving the vibrant manicure a glamorous feel.

6. Nostalgic Neon Nails

Nostalgic Neon Nails

This neon manicure evokes the '90s and early '00s. Each nail's splash of pink, yellow, orange, and blue looks cool and creative.

7. Blue Wave Nails

Blue Wave Nails

If you're into negative space manicures, consider this set. This blue, wavy nail set has a fun, fresh vibe. The white wavy designs and negative space take the look to the next level.

8. Golden Green Nails

Golden Green Nails

With this look, your eyes are instantly drawn to the gold chrome detailing. However, if you look closer, you'll notice the beautiful green ombré effect underneath.

9. Mismatched Detail Nails

Mismatched Detail Nails

How fun is it to have a different design on each hand? The left-hand features flecks of golden foil, while the right hand has yellow streaks scattered about. The two designs combined create an incredibly unique mismatched set.

10. Pastel Flower-Bomb Nails

Pastel Flower-Bomb Nails

Bubblegum pink, light blue, green, and yellow are part of the ultimate summer color palette. This manicure features all of these hues. The mismatched manicure includes a mix of whimsical designs—from pretty flowers to abstract shapes.

11. Pretty Pink Nails

Pretty Pink Nails

Recently, square nails have become one of the most popular shapes, and this perfectly shaped pink set is one way to get on the trend. The fuschia streaks on each nail add flair to the mani.

12. Playful Pastel French Nails

Playful Pastel French Nails

There are so many ways to add personality to a French manicure. This take includes gorgeous pastel swirls across each nail. The multicolor designs make the short French manicure really pop.

13. Sparkly Aura Nails

Sparkly Aura Nails

Aura nails are continuing to take over this summer. You can't go wrong with two tones of pink and lavender. Add some sparkly nail gems to really set things off.

14. Two-Tone Neon Nails

Two-Tone Neon Nails

This bright, beautiful manicure features all seasonal colors—from neon yellow to green. Pairing two colors together on each nail creates such a striking design.

15. Dewy Sunset Nails

Dewy Sunset Nails

An orange ombré manicure is summer-ready on its own. Add 3D dew drop accents into the mix, and you will have a next-level manicure beyond fitting for the season.

16. Festive Flower Nails

Just because your nails are short doesn't mean you can't get bold nail art. This set features large, detailed flowers on each nail. Show this cheery manicure to your nail artist, and they'll be instantly inspired.

17. Beachy Floral Nails

Beachy Floral Nails

Looking at these nails, we can feel the beachy breeze. This gradient manicure features dainty flowers peeking from the side of each nail. It's such a sweet, summery mani.

18. Ultra-Bold Tropical Nails

Ultra-Bold Tropical Nails

These nails resemble the beak of the majestic Toucan bird—colorful and bright. The key to this look is combining at least three shades on each nail.

19. Peach Nails

Peach Nails

This manicure combines two muted shades—peach and baby blue. However, the resulting design is incredibly eye-catching.

20 Lemon Tree Nails

Lemon Tree Nails

A lemon manicure is a must-try this summer. This version uses baby pink polish as the base and features detailed lemons on two nails. The overall mani is such a fun, fresh option for the season.

21 Rainbow Skittle Nails

Rainbow Skittle Nails

Give your skittle manicure a super summery vibe by opting for a bright color palette like this. Elevate the look further by creating a soft, subtle ombré effect on the tips of each nail.

22. Summer Sunset Nails

Summer Sunset Nails

There's nothing more beautiful than a summer sunset. Draw inspiration from the sky by creating a gorgeous yellow and orange manicure (like this one).

23. Neon Green Nails

23. Neon Green Nails

You can never go wrong with a green manicure during the summer. Sport a neon shade like this to fully embrace the season's vibrancy.

24. Summer Swirl Nails

Summer Swirl Nails

When it comes to summer nail art, the more colorful, the better. This swirly nail look combines stunning cobalt blue, peach, and papaya shades.

25. Cotton Candy Nails

Cotton Candy Nails

This aura manicure taps cotton candy shades—pink and blue—to create an ethereal design. The long stiletto shape makes this mani even more striking.

26. Pink and Black Nails

.Pink and Black Nails
For an edgy summer manicure, consider this stiletto look. The ultra-sharp mani features a cool, abstract pink and black design.

27. Colorful Chrome Nails

Colorful Chrome Nails

Consider this colorful chrome set if you want your manicure to sparkle and shine. You'll want to use a seafoam green, lavender, and pink polish and apply chrome powder to each one.

28. Pastel Rainbow Nails

Pastel Rainbow Nails

Combine several pastel colors on each nail to create the ultimate summer manicure. This gorgeous, ombré look reminds us of rainbow sherbet.

29. Artistic Summer Nails

Artistic Summer Nails
This manicure features a plethora of abstract designs, giving this set a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. We're mesmerized by all of the vibrant colors and exciting nail art.

30. Hot Pink Nails

Hot Pink Nails

Hot pink is a staple summer shade, so this manicure is an instant winner in our book. Add artsy accents to a few nails to make this look even more intriguing.