15 Korean Hairstyle For Girls That Are Super Trendy At The Moment

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When it comes to all things beauty, you cannot deny the Koreans their fame. From skincare to makeup to hair, they’re always on top of their beauty game –– making way for new trends that are sure to take on the rest of the world. Just like the rest of the K beauty industry, Korean hairstyles are pretty popular. And if you’re a K drama fan, you’d know how simple and effortless these hairstyles look. Ranging from short to long, there’s something for everyone. Scroll down to see 10 Korean hairstyles for women! From glamorous ‘dos to everyday ones, you’re bound to find a hairdo you love. 

15 Korean Hairstyle For Girls That Are Super Trendy At The Moment

Different Korean Hair Styles for Female  

Remember, the key to Korean beauty is to look youthful rather than mature. A lot of Korean hairstyles involve bangs or soft curtain fringes that frame your face and make it look younger. Scroll down to see the different Korean hairstyles for girls and women.

Korean Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair is pretty fun to style, isn’t it? Check out these Korean hairstyles that are perfect to pretty up those long, long locks!

1. Pony Up

Pony Up

Tie your hair back into a loose ponytail, with slight waves at the ends. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie that adds a little style to the hairdo. Let your bangs loose in the front of your face, to give it a soft touch.

2. Voluminous Waves

Voluminous Waves

Go big or go home! This Korean hairstyle uses large waves to add volume to your hair. Tong your hair with a large barrel hair curler. Run your fingers through them to loosen out the curls. Apply a little serum and you’re good to go!

3. Accessorise Away

Accessorise Away

Go for a messy ponytail with this Korean hairstyle. Make sure you first style your hair with some beachy waves. Tie it up in a high ponytail and secure it with a plain hair tie. Top off your plain hair tie with a huge scrunchie –– that’ll add a whimsical look to your hairstyle. 

4. Braided Bun

Braided Bun
Classic and stylish, this Korean hairstyle gives your updo a little bit of an elegant touch. Twist your hair into a braid, and apply a little hair oil to flatten the frizz. Twist it into a low bun and add some accessories to hold it together.

5. Double Ponytails 

Double Ponytails

An alternative to the classic high sleek ponytail is this double ponytail Korean hairstyle. It’s one of the cutest and simplest hairstyles you can make. All you have to do is shampoo your hair, condition it for softness, and comb and midpart your hair. Then make 2 low ponytails and tie them on each side. And it’s done! 

Korean Hairstyles For Short Hair

Take your short hair to the next level with these easy-to-do hairstyles. Scroll down to see the best Korean hairstyles for short hair, that are quick and absolutely easy to recreate. 

6. Wavy Fun

Wavy Fun

Got a short bob? Style your hair by wearing it wavy and applying a whole lot of haircare products to hold the waves. Keep your bangs straight, however, the rest of your hair needs to look a little messy and undone.

7. Straight & Sleek

Straight & Sleek

Give your hair a bit of a blowout with this Korean hairstyle. After a good shampoo wash, blow dry your short hair so that it curls inwards. Do the same for your bangs. Make sure you use conditioner to smoothen and soften your hair so that no flyaways are ruining your hairstyle.

8. Bun It Up

Bun It Up

Tie your hair back into a low twisted bun. Use a fine-toothed comb to flatten any strays and give your crown area a neater shape. Pull out a few strands of hair from the front, so that it frames your face.

9. Classic Bob Korean

Classic Bob Korean

For every girl who seeks a sophisticated and chic look, this Korean hairstyle is just perfect! It’s such an easy hairstyle to make and carry. All you need to do is to straighten your hair perfectly and apply some hair serum for an added shine. That’s it!

10 . Purple Wavy Hair With Bangs

Purple Wavy Hair With Bangs

Here’s another cool Korean hairstyle that’s perfect for women who love experimenting with their looks! Create those soft waves on your hair and color them purple for that oomph factor. For a little extra magic on hair, you can complement this Korean hairstyle with bangs too.

Korean Hairstyle For Medium-Length Hair

The best of both worlds, medium-length hair is totally fun to style. Scroll down to see Korean hairstyles for medium hair. 

11. Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Go with the wet look with this Korean hairstyle. After you’ve created beachy waves on your locks, make sure to use a wet gel to set it. Run your fingers through your hair so that it appears a little more ruffled.

12. Half ‘N’ Half

Half ‘N’ Half

Pull half of your hair up into a medium top knot. Make sure it is a little messy, and not very sleek. This Korean hairstyle works for both wavy and straight hair.

13. Straight Up

Straight Up

Wear your hair straight, sleek, and blow-dried with this Korean hairstyle. Pro tip: use dryer sheets to remove static and prevent hair from frizzing up. You can also straighten your locks with a straightener, this’ll make it poker straight.

14. Layered Away

Layered Away

Layers look great on medium-length hair, especially when you have light curtain bangs to go along with it. This Korean hairstyle makes for an elegant hairdo.

15. Ribbon Bun Korean Hairstyle

Ribbon Bun Korean Hairstyle

The ribbon bun Korean hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles in Korea. It’s an easy-to-make hairstyle that captures the attention of people and turns heads in the crowd. To add a little bit of extra sass and style to this hairstyle, you can tie a red ribbon around your hairdo. And it’s done!